Best Photo Restoration Companies

If you have an old (or even young) physical photograph that has been damaged, there are several companies that can restore it “as good as new.” Some even offer to colorize old pictures, which can make the restored photo even better than new.

If you have a scanner, you can scan the photograph to get a digital image. Most photo restoration companies can work with jpg, tif or bmp image files (created by scanners). pdf files are generally not as good, but some restoration companies can accept them.

If you do not have a scanner, just take the photo(s) to a store that makes digital prints. This generally includes WalMart, Walgreen, Costco, Sams, Carrefour, Target and others. Ask if you can scan your photograph(s) and have them saved to CD or DVD. This is generally very inexpensive. For example, at the Walgreens surveyed, a customer can scan as many photos as desired and save them to one CD for the flat fee of only 3 U.S. dollars.

When you have a digital scanned image, you can submit it to any of several reputable, reliable companies for restoration:

  • PhoJoe — In the business for many years. They advertise “no quotes, just one price” which is $39 per photo.
  • 399Retouch — A large number of satisfied photo restoration clients, and does not charge anything unless the customer is satisfied with the finished image. Colorization is available, and their prices are low.
  • Chamberlain Restoration — An Illinois company that restores both physical and digital images, using Federal Express to transport physical photographs.

Photo restoration can fix tears, creases and folds, color fading, color shifts and even outright missing areas of photographs. If you have an old photograph which is showing signs of fading, blurring or color shifts, it is wise to deal with those problems soon, while restoration is still possible.

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